Orenburg Journey - Day 3

On Saturday, we visited the Orenburg State Pedigogical University, where the foreign language classes gathered in order to honor Alexander Schmorell and the White Rose. During this time, the Russian film "In search of the White Rose" by Savva Kulish, which was filmed near the end of Kulish's life, and, as I understand it, was never completely finished.

At the University, there is a White Rose exhibit, very similar to the one at LMU, except that there is an expanded section on the link to Russia (this information is also available in the Russian version of the book that the Weisse Rose Stiftung publishes).

After that, we went for a tour of the city, including crossing the bridge from Europe to Asia, (and taking the cable-car back)

In the evening, we visited a Lutheran church, which had been founded in the late 1700's when there was a large German community which had settled in Orenburg. The Soviets had disbanded the church, but I believe it was 1994 when the parish came back together, albeit in a new building, as the old one had been seized (and very possibly destroyed). Although some of the members are of German heritage, most of them don't speak very much German anymore. We heard university students recite poetry in German and Russian, and also heard a number of the old songs.

After the official program, Ulrich Chaussey started to interview a young university student named Alexei. The interview went on for awhile, going through translation from German to Russian and back. They were about to finish up, when Alexei asked Ulrich if he spoke English, and Ulrich answered, "Of course!", which started another conversation which led from the church to a "German" restaurant in town. I settled in talking to a couple of girls that were also at the church, as well as a young German man who had, at this point, lived in Orenburg a couple of years (and who had also spent a couple of years in China). As we sat there in the restaurant talking (along with some of our other colleagues), it was fun chatting with these people, and periodically having Ulrich call out German words for me to translate to English.

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