Back in the day (and by that I mean, say 1997 or so), it seemed that the internet was a nifty place where it was commonplace for people, if participating in this "craze", put up a website to announce their web presence to the world. Nowadays, though, although there are millions of websites out there, it seems like fewer and fewer are actually personal sites. It's not like there are fewer voices out there, but rather that more people who are online are opting for blogs or social networking sites as their venue. However, here are some of the websites of people whom I know.

I also now know several people who have published books, and I'd like to present those to you here:

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

Jen Schroedel

Marjorie Corbman

Bishop Seraphim Sigrist

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick


John Granger