World-traveller extraordinaire, Katja comes to us from the small, nearly-unknown village of Chicago, USA, where she started her troublemaking ways over three decades ago.

She is a proud alumna of Lane Technical High School, having attended back in the "good ol' days", when majors were chosen (hers was math and science) and when shops and drafting were still part of the required curriculum (except for art and music majors). It was during this time that Katja began amassing her base of worldwide support, whih will come in handy when she becomes Evil Overlord.

Katja und Gülay

Pictures of me from December 2000.

Katja with her hair short!

Katja has tons of interests, particularly history, languages, technology, and music. Over the years, she has found many ways to utilise and integrate these interests into many projects. It also helps to provide a basis of conversation with people from all over the world.

Since then, she's spent more time both in the US and outside of it, always remaining the troublemaker that she is.

Here are a couple more things Katja has worked on